2D Laplace / Helmholtz Software (download open Matlab/Freemat source code and manual free)

The web page gives access to the manual and codes (open source) that implement the Boundary Element Method. The codes can be used to solve the 2D interior Laplace problem and the 2D exterior Helmholtz problem.

MANUAL for 2D Laplace codes

BEMLAP-MAT: BEM Matlab/Freemat codes for solving the Laplace Equation

Compilers: Matlab / Freemat / Octave . Tutorials on using Matlab/Freemat are also given on www.freemat.info .
June 2008 . Codes for indirect and direct solution of the interior 2D Laplace Equation are added.
Codes: gl.m , l2lc.m , square.m , lbem2.m , lbem2_on.m , gls.m , libem2.m , libem2_indirect.m , interiorsquaretest.m , interiorsquaretest_indirect.m , vertices.m , GPL.TXT.

April 2012 . Codes for direct solution of the exterior 2D Helmholtz Equation are contributed.
h2lc.m , h2lc_test.m a test for 2D exterior Helmholtz problems, clinsl.m ,

Homepage: boundary-element-method.com