The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics : ABEMFULL

by Stephen Kirkup

BEM model of a horn loudspeaker


This manual serves for the Fortran (77) boundary element codes for solving acoustics problems.
The original codes for the solution of the interior, exterior and modal analysis probleims in 2D, 3D and axisymmetric 3D were published with the author's book in 1998. The book The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics (updated 2007) serves as a manual and can now be downloaded as a pdf file. The book was accompanied by the ABEMFULL Fortran codes, which can also be downloaded from this site, as open source software under the GNU software licence.


Other codes have been included in the acoustics library. The Rayleigh Integral Method (RIM) can be used to compute the acoustic field exterior to a flat panel lying in a baffle. The code RIM3 is able to compute the sound pressure at points in the domain surrounding a (vibrating) plate lying in an infinite baffle.
The interior BEM and the RIM can be combined to form a useful hybrid method, denoted BERIM (Boundary Element - Rayleigh Integral Method). The BERIM is useful for determining the acoustic field within and surrounding a cavity. For example this method has been found to be particularly useful in the simulation of loudspeakers such as the horn loudspeaker shown in the diagram. The code BERIM3 amd BERIMA can be used to determine the acoustic field interior and exterior to a general or axisymmetric three-dimensional cavity with one opening.

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