The Boundary Element Method


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BEM model of a horn loudspeaker
The boundary element method (BEM) is a technique for solving a range of engineering/physical problems.

Tutorial: Introduction to the Boundary Element Method

It is most often used as an engineering design aid - similar to the more common finite element method - but the BEM has the distinction and advantage that only the surfaces of the domain need to be meshed.

Tutorial: Boundary Representation in the Boundary Element Method

The purpose of the website is to provide open source resources on the Boundary Element Method (BEM), as the basis for further development or application. The original work in acoustics is included on this site and the accompanying book The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics (revised 2007) may be downloaded.

Book: The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics and the accompanying ABEMFULL software.

Libraries of subroutines on Laplace problems (electrostatics, steady state heat conduction and potental flow) have been added and general Helmholtz problems (acoustics, electromagnetics) in Fortran are available and codes can be downloaded.

A small Matlab/Freemat library for solving two-dimensional Laplace problems may also be downloaded.

Most of the codes are in Fortran: Link to Fortran 77 Tutorial ::: Some of the codes are in Matlab/Freemat/Octave: Link to Matlab/Freemat Tutorial

A linkedin group has been initiated for discussions, links, applications, jobs, open source code, projects etc on the boundary element method. Please join if you wish to stay informed.

NEW: The Boundary Element Method for Computing the 2D interior Laplace Equation in Excel

Recent training course on the Boundary Element Method in Ahmedabad, India

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