BEMLAP: BEM for Laplace Problems

by Stephen Kirkup

Copyright Stephen Kirkup
Published by Stephen Kirkup 2000-
This manual serves for the Fortran (77) boundary element codes for solving Laplace problems and hence they can be used in the solution of a range of prolems including electrostatics, heat conduction and groundwater flow. Many of the codes can be accessed and downloaded from this on-line manual.

Chapter 1 : The Boundary Element Method
Chapter 2 : Boundary Representation
Chapter 3 : The Discrete Laplace Operators
Chapter 4 : The Interior Laplace Problem
Chapter 5 : The Exterior Laplace Problem
Chapter 6 : The Shell Element Method
Appendix 1 : GLS: Solution of a linear system
Appendix 2 : 2D and 3D geometry
Appendix 3 : Advanced Use of LIBEM* and LEBEM* routines
BEMLAP Software